Employers urge further reopening of economy

The country should further reopen its economy to prevent job losses resulting from downsizing or closure of businesses, the head of the country’s main employers’ group said.

Employers Confederation of the Philippines president Sergio Ortiz-Luis Jr. said, “(Our economy cannot bear it anymore). Before, our worry was the micro and small industries. Now, our worry is the big ones are beginning to really downsize or close. (We should avoid that from happening).”

He said the 10,000 deaths related to the coronavirus pandemic is a small number compared to those who die from hunger while the crime rate can increase due to job losses.

To further reopen the economy, he said there should be sufficient mass transportation as many companies cannot provide shuttle services for their employees. He added businesses should be given the opportunity to prosper so more can get hired.

He requested, “Catch protocol offenders but let all reopen.”

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