Plant, Plant, Plant potential

The Department of Agriculture launched its Plant, Plant, Plant program, giving away vegetable seeds early in the quarantine to encourage people to plant for food. But without a program to ensure widespread adoption of urban farming, success has been limited.

PPP, if properly managed in residential areas where large clusters of urban poor can be found, could transform vacant lots into productive food plots manned by communities to yield a continuous supply of vegetables for household use, and perhaps also provide a some income.

The role of LGUs, specifically barangays, will be to pinpoint sites to be tilled, and water supply to be tapped to nourish the plants. On the other hand, the DA should be ready to provide the technical advice needed to turn the land – and space – into productive plots.

LGUs have increasingly availed of the free seeds given through the DA’s Bureau of Plant Industry, and give these to needy households.

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