Amazon: Meet Jeff Bezos’s successor – Andy Jassy

Andy Jassy is not a household name, but he is replacing Jeff Bezos as CEO of Amazon.

Jassy has been at the company for 23 years, conducted plenty of interviews, and was pretty open about what makes him tick. He also runs its most lucrative business – Amazon Web Services.

Amazon’s quarterly results, announced recently, confirm that AWS is the driving force behind its profits – accounting for half of the company’s operating income.

It saw the potential for the outsourcing of computing and storage, that companies use to run things like websites, before its rivals. Google and Microsoft got into the game later – and now offer similar services. However, there’s a clear market leader in the field, and that’s Amazon.

According to one estimate, AWS accounts for about a third of worldwide cloud infrastructure spend. Jassy, who founded AWS in 2003, nurtured this side-bet of Amazon’s into a money-spinner – and became the obvious successor to Mr. Bezos.

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