Madiskarteng Boss 20: Nene Prime Foods

Nene Prime Foods was one of the first businesses that took advantage of social media platforms to sell and market their products. In 2014, they established this online business. Years later, they are now well-known for their Spicy Bangus in Olive Oil.

However, this long-running business also experienced some setbacks after the onset of the pandemic. To counter these, they shortened their store hours. They also scheduled their deliveries efficiently since there were limited riders and to ensure the safety of everyone as well as maintain the quality of their products.

Jennivev describes the Madiskarteng Boss Club as the fuel of Nene Prime Foods during the pandemic. Through GrabExpress, they were able to keep conducting deliveries. She notes that without the service, they probably would’ve put their business on hold. The Madiskarteng Boss talks also motivated them to keep going and persevere despite the challenges they face.

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