Europeans are losing jobs, businesses and hope

American Chris Wiseheart built his transport company in Prague over nearly two decades from an airport shuttle service to a chauffeur outfit sought out by the crews behind music’s biggest names like Madonna.

He was gearing up to service tours by The Chainsmokers and over a dozen major acts when everything came crashing down.

Wiseheart, 65, said, “March 13 it all came to a grinding halt. Bookings were canceled and concerts were postponed.”

Nearly a year later, Europe remains gripped by COVID-19 and thousands of businesses are struggling to survive another wave of lockdowns. The sense of optimism in the summer has given way to despair.

Wiseheart shared, “We worked so hard for everything and just to have it pulled out from underneath you through no fault of your own … [My wife and I] had plans to travel and do something in our twilight years, but we’ve gone through all our savings and are pretty heavily in debt.”

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