Pfizer expects to rake in sales of $15 billion from its CoOVID-19 vaccine this year

Pfizer expects to earn approximately 15 billion dollars in revenue from its Covid-19 vaccine this year, the company said.

Its fourth-quarter earnings report was the first since Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine received emergency-use authorization from the US FDA in December — the first vaccine to receive such approval. Since then, the vaccine has begun to roll out across the country, as well as around the world.

The vaccine contributed 154 million dollars in sales during the fourth quarter.

Pfizer’s projection for revenue from the vaccine in 2021 primarily includes doses expected to be delivered under existing contracts and may be updated as new contracts are executed, the company said, indicating that revenues could be even greater.

Patients will likely need to receive regular boosts of the vaccine to “maintain immune response and to counter emergent variant strains,” which would mean ongoing revenue from the product beyond this year.

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