Madiskarteng Boss 20: Monogram Style

Grace’s business began when she helped a friend design a monogram-style necklace. With the help of Mang Vic – who creates the jewelry she designs – as well as the Barrio Lucnab sewing community and the women of Barangay Vergara in Mandaluyong – who create the canvas bags, pouches, pillowcases, and other fabric products – Monogram Style personalizes various goods based on customers’ preferences.

What do customers love about their monogrammed burlap bags, necklaces, and aprons? The beauty of these products comes from their uniqueness and individuality. These items, once styled by this shop, become statement pieces for the wearer.

The success of this shop can be attributed to Grace’s hard work and dedication. After identifying the need to focus on online selling, she took the initiative to learn social media marketing and build a strong online presence, strengthened by becoming part of the GrabExpress community.

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