She’s the boss! PH is 5th among countries with highest number of female execs

The Philippines ranked fifth in countries with the highest number of women in a managerial role, according to studies.

An analysis by market and data consumer company Statista, citing data from the International Labor Organization, found that women hold 51 percent of the country’s managerial positions.

Based on the ILO Labor Force Survey conducted in 2019, most women in the Philippines are in management levels with business support functions. This includes jobs in the fields of human resources, administration, finance, marketing, or public relations.

Jordan topped the list with 62 percent female bosses in its workplaces. It is followed by Santa Lucia, Botswana, and Honduras with 57 percent, 54 percent, and 51 percent respectively.

Last year, the Philippines topped the list on the Grant Thornton International’s 2020 Women in Business report, with 43 percent of Filipino women executives holding senior management positions.

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