Ford to start building electric Mustangs in China

Ford will start building its iconic Mustang cars in China for the first time.

The US carmaker said its Mustang Mach-E will start being produced there later this year as it looks to tap into China’s electric vehicle market. Ford is also hoping to capitalize on China’s economic recovery and the government’s push for more electric cars on its roads.

The new electric-powered Mustang is a sports utility vehicle, seen as a chance to reverse years of sluggish sales in China and connect with customers by producing them locally.

Earlier this month, Tesla started delivering its Model Y to Chinese customers from its Shanghai factory.

Western brands are aggressively targeting China, where electric vehicle sales are expected to grow strongly.

Volkswagen said it would soon begin delivering vehicles produced at two newly-built Chinese factories dedicated to electric cars.

China is the world’s biggest car market with more than 20 million vehicles sold each year.

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