Lessons from Henry Sy

One of the important lessons Henry Sy taught his team was about customer service – to make sure to serve more people and to serve them better. This was crucial especially in catering to customers’ evolving needs in the new environment.

Throughout his career, Sy made it a point to have win-win solutions with his business partners – tenants, suppliers, small and large in his establishments. He emphasized the importance of being good-hearted, trustworthy and fair to maintain long-term relationships both in business and in life.

During the pandemic, SM waived 11 billion pesos in rentals as of end-June 2020 to support the continuity of operations of tens of thousands micro, small and medium enterprises.

With the present challenge of the pandemic, SM moved quickly to adapt its businesses to the new reality with better solutions.

As Henry Sy would say, there is no substitute for hard work — an enduring legacy that guides the entire organization.

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