Mindanao blackouts blamed on ‘maliciously planted vegetation’

An “uncooperative landowner” had caused a blackout in several provinces in northwestern Mindanao by letting plants grow under the high-voltage power transmission lines, according to National Grid Corporation of the Philippines.

The grid operator reiterated its call for the strict implementation by the government of the Anti-Obstruction of Power Lines law, as violations of the right-of-way corridor along power lines repeatedly cause system outage.

The company said the tripping of the 138-kilovolt Agus 5-Aurora line in Lanao del Norte province was due to “the trimming of maliciously planted vegetation” in Iligan City.

The grid operator explained, “The vegetation overgrowth was caused by the landowner’s refusal to allow NGCP to conduct line clearing activities.”

The NGCP added multi-province power transmission outages “continue to be experienced by customers in the northwestern Mindanao area while the line remains unrestored.”

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