Philippines now bird flu-free, says DA

The Philippines is free of the Avian Influenza or bird flu, the Department of Agriculture said.The DA stated the World Organization for Animal Health declared that as of January 8, the country is now free of the last remaining A(H5N6) strain of Avian Influenza.

The DA said the country was able to resolve the outbreaks of Avian Influenza in a commercial layer poultry farm in Pampanga, and backyard poultry farms in a village in Rizal, in less than a year after the poultry virus reemerged in the country.

Agriculture Secretary William Dar said this is a welcome development considering that poultry meat is a highly popular animal protein source among Filipinos, like pork and beef.

The DA said the affected farms showed no further evidence of the presence of the virus during the monitoring and surveillance.

As a result of the swift action of the farm owners, sanitary control and containment operations to prevent the further spread of the virus were carried out immediately.

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