Bigger budget, better tools sought to end ‘learning crisis’

A group advocating reforms in the education sector is pushing for more funding and better student assessment as long-term fixes to difficulties encountered while shifting to online learning.

The Philippine Business for Education sounded the alarm over a learning crisis where “access and quality issues are grave, urgent and must be stopped and reversed.”

PBEd said spending on education is not enough and does not meet UNESCO’s education 2030 framework, where 4 to 6% of the country’s GDP should be allocated to the sector.

Investing more on education is among the five key proposals of PBEd to address the present situation in learning. The sector should also get 20% of the government’s annual budget to remedy issues such as schools’ lack of digital capabilities.

Other proposals include an independent agency for assessing students, a national teacher scholarship program, and fixing gaps in implementing the mother tongue-based learning.

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