Las Vegas just suffered another blow

During a typical January, the presence of the Consumer Electronics Show in and around Las Vegas is unmistakable. Hotel prices skyrocket to an average of 400 dollars a room, restaurants and clubs are packed, and workers log extra hours to ensure everything goes on without a hitch for the major money-making show and related events.

Last year, the 170,000 attendees were estimated to have generated 169 million dollars in direct spending and a broader economic impact of 291 million dollars, according to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. During this atypical January, however, that flurry of activity, that money and that work is gone. CES 2021 was an all-digital affair.

The move, meant to prioritize health and safety during the Covid-19 pandemic, serves as another blow to a city already sent reeling by the current health and economic crises. And until coronavirus vaccinations are widespread, “all bets are off.”

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