Madiskarteng Boss 20: Kuya Crepes

For Nicole, one good thing came out of the pandemic – she was able to establish her own online business. Kuya Crepes started as a small initiative with the goal of providing food for frontliners, who did not have time to eat. Her team decided to send crêpes because these are easy to eat, filling, and delicious – perfect for anyone on the go.

As days passed, they started getting requests from doctors, nurses, and staff to sell the crepes so they can start sending care packages to their loved ones as well. And the rest is history. They have now sold more than a thousand authentic French crêpes, all made by a chef from Bretagne, the crepe capital of the world.

Through GrabExpress, they were able to deliver to customers in various areas, even as far as Cavite and Laguna. But more than covering this physical distance, she believes the service makes it possible for people to gain new experiences from the comfort of their home amid the pandemic.

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