Stellar deals available

Brilliant tour operators going out of business. Travelers left out of pocket on canceled trips they’d spent years planning.

With travel limited in 2020, hotels and operators have been going out of their way to offer amazing deals on trips and stays in 2021 and beyond.

In the United States, Ace Hotels slashed 50% off its rates at all of its locations, from Downtown LA to Pittsburgh, through August 31. Hyatt shaved 20% off its prices through April 4, while Xanterra Travel Collection cut 40% off the cost of lodge stays in US National Parks until April.

Maximum flexibility has also become a key part of the best travel deals. Much Better Adventures, which offers small adventurous trips across the globe, now allows for full cancellation just 31 days before departure.

The past year has also forced many operators to rethink how they look after travelers, in the hope that when travel resumes, their customers will remain loyal and be ready to hit the road.

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