Lyft driver earns less than 20% now vs. pre-pandemic

When Erica Mighetto began driving with Uber’s US ride-share competitor Lyft three years ago, she “just loved it.”

She shared, “I really enjoyed…choosing my own hours. I thought life was good.”

Mighetto would drive over an hour to the San Francisco area on weekends because there was more work in the richer towns. She slept in her car or shelled out 25 dollars for a room.

She was earning up to 80 dollars an hour before expenses in 2017, but a series of rate cuts caused that to fall to 20 dollars at the beginning of 2020 and to less than 10 dollars in March.

She finds Lyft’s algorithms detrimental and lacking transparency, sharing, “It knows me personally, and the bonus offers were changed…based on what I was willing to accept.”

If friends were getting bonus offers of 50 dollars for doing 20 rides per week, the algorithm would offer her 350 dollars but for 120 rides a week.

To get enough jobs and claim the bonus, drivers would accept lower fees.

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