Netflix has doubled its Black workforce since 2017, but says it still needs to hire more Latinos

The number of Black people working at Netflix doubled in three years, but the company admits it has work to do when it comes to Latin staffers.

Those were just two of the revelations made in Netflix’s first-ever inclusion report. The company’s new demographic data shows its Black US employees grew from 4% of its workforce in 2017 to 8% in 2020. Over 18% of the US population is Latino.

Lack of Latin representation in Hollywood and tech has been an ongoing problem. In 2019, just 5% of the speaking roles in the top 100 movies went to Latin actors, according to the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative report, which analyzes diversity in film and television.

Latinos were the only ethnic group underrepresented in on-screen speaking roles in 2019, the report found.

Overall, over 46% of Netflix’s US workforce and 42% of its leaders were Black, Latin, Indigenous, Middle Eastern, Asian or Pacific Islander in 2020. Women made up just over 47% of the Netflix’s workforce.

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