Madiskarteng Boss 20: Likha Lokal

Carmela isn’t new to the world of online selling. Prior to Likha Lokal, she used to sell brand new and preloved clothes and accessories. The success of this brand can be attributed to its unique concept: they create tote bags that are literally one of a kind. Using retazo and katsa, Carmela works with her seamstress to create a unique pattern for each product.

Carmela’s story shows that passion and ingenuity should always be complemented by innovation. At the start of the pandemic, Likha Lokal’s Facebook account was not properly managed. Now, it has become a catalog for available products and designs.

She also had to reorganize her Instagram account to make it more visually appealing for the online market. In addition, she’s also in the process of creating a website for an easier shopping experience for her customers.

She feels it’s a relief to have a partner like GrabExpress who ensures her customers receive products in good condition.

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