Philippine e-commerce employees among most satisfied in SEA

 Employees in the Philippine e-commerce industry are the second most satisfied in Southeast Asia despite having one of the lowest salaries, according to a study by iPrice Group.

In its study which looked at whether e-commerce provides job satisfaction and gender diversity in Southeast Asia plus Hong Kong, the price aggregator found that employees from the Philippines are the second most satisfied as they gave the top three e-commerce companies a 3.9 star rating out of five.

The study showed 76 percent of Filipino employees would recommend the e-commerce firms to friends, and 87 percent approve of their chief executive officers.

iPrice said, “It’s quite interesting since the Philippines has one of the lowest recorded salaries at 588 dollars per month among the seven countries, right after Vietnam 394 dollars per month.”

Indonesia topped the list of the most satisfied employees as its e-commerce workers gave a 4.3 star rating.

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