PH aviation faces turbulent ride to recovery

The Philippine aviation sector is facing a turbulent ride on its way to recovery with travel restrictions still in place, industry experts said.

Aviation think-tank CAPA-Center for Aviation said easing domestic travel restrictions and testing requirements would be key to reviving the country’s airline industry.

CAPA said local airlines face a balancing act as they must reduce their fleets to cut costs in the short-term, but also need to retain enough flexibility to respond when the post-COVID recovery phase gathers momentum.

It added, “The Philippine market will no doubt return to being highly competitive – it is just a question of when that occurs.”

But so far, CAPA said airlines in the country have not benefitted from the same rate of domestic demand recovery as other carriers in the Asia-Pacific region.

The Philippines, however, is still in a better situation than Asian international travel hubs like Hong Kong and Singapore, which have no domestic networks.

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