How to spot scams before they happen

If it’s too good to be true, then it probably is. How many times have we heard this phrase uttered in the wake of scams and their victims? One too many, you might think.

As many people struggle through unemployment and uncertainty, sometimes something too good to be true is the only thing that can hold hope. This is exactly the mentality that scammers take advantage of.

Make sure to conduct background checks. When dealing with an individual or a representative of a company, always ask for their full identity. Ask for their office address, mobile numbers, and landline, and their Securities and Exchange Commission registration and license.

When you do have their contact numbers, call and check all of them if they are working, check the office landlines, or better yet, meet them at their office if possible, just to be doubly sure.

You can also check the SEC website to find if the company you are placing with is listed and registered.

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