Gig economy workers say they can no longer survive

In Paris, gig economy workers fear they can no longer survive on meagre earnings from jobs that leave them increasingly vulnerable.

Wissem Inal traverses more than 700 kilometers a week on his scooter, delivering up to 10 takeout meals in the French capital’s suburbs every evening.

The 32-year-old who has driven for Deliveroo since 2017 but also takes jobs for Uber Eats and Stuart said, “At the moment, with the lockdown I end up with 500 euros a month net.”

Inal has trouble seeing the “good side” of his job at the moment and criticizes calculations by Deliveroo’s algorithm that decide how much to offer him for jobs.

He shared, “A delivery that’s worth six euros at noon is worth just three euros in the evening. You can’t earn a living with this job, unless you’re willing to live like a slave.”

He recently joined an association of gig delivery drivers that seeks to improve working conditions. He maintains, “We should be able to defend ourselves.”

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