Madiskarteng Boss 20: Saipo Soap

Sometimes, business ideas can appear when you least expect it. In 2018, Isabella stumbled upon a Youtube tutorial for handmade soap and fell in love with the process. Using her background in Food Science, she experimented with recipes and eventually came up with her own formulations. Today, she has expanded her offerings to other self-care essentials such as shampoo bars and body scrubs.

Aside from their customer-approved scents – which they curate very carefully – what sets Saipo Soap apart is the sustainable advocacy behind it. They use premium, plant-based ingredients and eco-friendly packaging as well as conduct plastic-free delivery within Metro Manila. Promoting this unique brand became their priority amid the pandemic. They focused on their YouTube channel and collaborated with like-minded brands.

Grab helped Isabella communicate with other entrepreneurs who shared knowledge and tips which she found encouraging.

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