Madiskarteng Boss 20: Coco x Fifi

Cousins Jacqui and Jam started Coco x Fifi in 2013 to earn money and be less financially-reliant on their parents.

Their goal was to sell bags and shoes that are stylish, functional, and affordable.

They have also built a lasting relationship with their customers, which they call the #CoFiCommunity.

As an established brand, the pandemic definitely necessitated several changes to their business. Apart from providing transportation and housing allowance to their employees, they also implemented a work-from-home arrangement. To support local communities in these trying times, they added more locally-crafted bags and shoes to their product line.

But their biggest change was the transition to online selling. Grab has been vital to their continued operations. They praise the discounts and promos offered to business owners as well as the same-day cash-on-delivery option, which gives customers a guarantee that they see the product before paying

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