Domestic travel boost in 2020

There’s been a surprising amount to cheer about this year, with the very real hope that it could lead to a more sustainable approach to travel in 2021 and beyond.

Stay-at-home orders, lockdowns and quarantine-on-arrival rules around the globe has led travelers to look closer to home to get their vacation fix in 2020.

Spain’s National Statistics Institute indicated that numbers from abroad were down a colossal 87% year-on-year in October. Europe as a whole saw a 66% fall in international visitors in the first half of 2020.

But with a boom in camping in the UK and 63% of US adults saying they’d taken a staycation in 2020, it seems this year has seen a growing appreciation for taking a break close to home.

This mini boom in domestic travel means that hotels and accommodation haven’t been as badly hit as feared, while travelers are realizing they don’t necessarily need to board a 12-hour flight each time they want to take a break.

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