Madiskarteng Boss 20: Eleven Baker Street

This Instagram shop, run by 11 cousins who live on the same street, began operations in June, at the height of the sushi bake hype. But an ingenious business decision helped them rise above the crowd.

Instead of featuring the traditional kani flavor, Eleven Baker Street gravitated towards uni (or sea urchin), their family’s favorite Japanese menu item. Their best-selling flavor – the Truffle Scallop Aburi Sushi Bake – can give you an idea of how unique their products are.

Starting a business in the middle of a pandemic was not an easy feat. Government regulations and putting health and safety as their number one priority meant absolutely no shortcuts could be taken. But they did not let this deter them. They now have customers who have ordered more trays than they can count and some with whom they have already become friends with.

Their business success was made possible by GrabExpress Madiskarteng Boss Club, helping home-based business owners like them.

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