Taxes Paid Online

More taxpayers have been settling their dues online and through apps, nearly doubling Bureau of Internal Revenue collections through digital channels to 1.2 billion pesos in 2019.

BIR Deputy Commissioner Arnel Guballa said the amount of taxes collected by through electronic channels in 2019 jumped 92 percent from 626 million pesos in 2018.

The collections rose alongside a climb in the number of transactions—last year’s 447,000 electronic tax payments were 60 percent more than 2018’s 270,000.

Guballa said some of the electronic payments were done through online tax payment facilities of banks, through ATMs or debit cards. Other means by which taxes were paid were the PayMaya smartphone app and the PESONet fund transfer service.

He said in 2020, among the BIR’s targets was to “further simplify its paper application forms and reduce processing times.”

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