Madiskarteng Boss 2020: Blooms by Agi

Agnes began her career with a fascination for Dangwa. She used to buy flowers for her friends until some of them started commissioning her to make bouquets for their loved ones. As a senior in college, she created her first arrangements, which she sold in mason jars at 400 pesos each. Today, Blooms by Agi is her full-time job. She has also expanded to supplying for events and weddings.

Following her appreciation for Dangwa, Agnes uses local flowers from Tagaytay, Baguio, and other parts of the Philippines. Supporting the local industry is one of the tenets of her business. When the pandemic forced ports to close and no flowers came in, she and her team organized a fundraising activity for the staff and the entire Dangwa community. She also personally sold pressed flowers in frames, with all the proceeds going to the donations.

It’s no wonder that she’s in full support of the GrabExpress Madiskarteng Boss Club as it “empowers Filipino entrepreneurs.”

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