Madiskarteng Boss 20: Celestea

Melvene grew up drinking fresh tea from her mother’s garden. The business itself is a tribute to her as the concept of Celestea was developed in their final three months together. Because of diabetes complications, she went blind and never saw the product.

But as Melvene’s first customer, she loved Celestea’s first set of local teas – ginger, turmeric, and lemongrass from their hometown, Nueva Vizcaya – and made the suggestion of offering it to their family and close friends.

Two years later, Celestea continues to thrive not just because of Melvene’s passion for locally-sourced teas but also because of her creativity. At the beginning of the lockdown, they were preparing for Mother’s Day and included their essential oil-infused alcogels as part of the curated boxes.

When alcohol supplies ran out in stores, they sold their alcogels. With this initiative they were able to stay afloat for a few months, since people would purchase teas with the alcogel.

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