Madiskarteng Boss 20: Fetch! Naturals

Georgianna Carlos’ business is the result of her love for her dog, Drogo the Bichon. When she discovered that neem, the active ingredient of an Italian product that solved his recurring skin problems, was available locally, she decided to create her own product.

Fetch! Naturals’ products are safe for pets, humans, and the environment. They are the first in the country to create shampoos made of 100% aqueous plant extracts, not oils. They use a long, low heat procedure that slowly brings out the good properties of the plant in a water soluble form, making it non-toxic to pets and eco-friendly.

They are also the first local pet care brand registered with the Food and Drug Administration and the Bureau of Animal Industry.

When the pandemic began, they already had a website. Because of this, they were not fully dependent on retail stores, but GrabExpress also gave the business a fast and convenient way to deliver products to customers for a reasonable cost.

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