NEDA recalibrating flagship infra projects amid COVID-19 pandemic

The National Economic and Development Authority is in the process of revising the Duterte administration’s flagship infrastructure projects as it reevaluates the viability and its significance in addressing the economic fallout resulting from the pandemic.

Acting Socioeconomic Planning Secretary and NEDA chief Karl Kendrick Chua said, “In response to COVID-19, we have also reassessed and reprioritized our infrastructure development program to include more projects that are responsive to addressing the challenges brought by the pandemic.”

Chua shared the NEDA’s infrastructure flagship projects list includes 104 projects under the sectors of health, information and communications technology, power and energy, transport and mobility, urban development, and water resources.

NEDA Undersecretary Jonathan Uy said, “By the end of this, year we will have a finalized list. We are now reaching about a hundred projects.”

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