Car Plants Affected by COVID-19

The biggest American car company, General Motors, has been caught up in the supply chain disruptions caused by the coronavirus in China when its South Korean unit announced a partial suspension of operations this week.

An assembly line at GM Korea’s complex west of Seoul, which can make over 400,000 vehicles annually, are suspended on February 17 and 18, due to a shortage of parts from China. GM Korea relies heavily on China for the wiring harnesses that connect vehicles’ complex electronics. But operations could quickly “return to normal” as Chinese were “returning to work.”

South Korea’s Hyundai Motor – the world’s fifth largest auto manufacturer – suspended operations at its five-plant complex in the coastal city of Ulsan last week.

Japanese auto giant Nissan also said it was suspending operations at its Kyushu plant from February 14 to 17 because of supply shortages from China.

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