Pricier Noche Buena looms due to truck ban, last minute shopping

Last minute shopping and the return of the Metro Manila truck ban could lead to pricier Noche Buena items before Christmas, a local supermarkets association said.

Steven Cua, president of Philippine Amalgamated Supermarkets Association, said the truck ban starting December 14 may prompt suppliers to increase prices of basic and prime commodities due to limited windows for deliveries.

He noted continuing relief efforts to areas affected by the typhoons are also contributing to lower supply of goods.

Sending Christmas gifts is also slower as meet ups are limited, with more people opting for “virtual gifts” for their godchildren and loved ones.

Despite price increases, consumers are still seen to flock supermarkets “three to four days before Christmas” to purchase food items for Noche Buena feast.

Cua advised people to buy at the earliest time possible to avoid higher prices, shortages in items, and the spread of coronavirus.

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