Labor group: Policy of ‘exporting Filipinos’ problematic

Joanna Concepcion, chair of Migrante International, a labor group advocating the welfare of overseas Filipino workers, said the coronavirus disease pandemic only revealed the national government’s problematic “long-standing policy” of exporting Filipinos.

Concepcion said, “(It) cannot guarantee long-term economic security for our migrant workers and cannot genuinely solve the economic and development problems facing our country.”

The Philippine Overseas Employment Administration denied there is such a policy, even as it has persistently held job fairs showcasing overseas work opportunities.

On top of that, President Rodrigo Duterte has pushed for the establishment of a sole agency to address OFW concerns, a move that would only institutionalize labor exportation only explored as a band aid solution during the Marcos era.

Concepion added, “The Philippines cannot continue to be a remittance dependent country.”

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