Madiskarteng Boss 20: The Dream Coffee

In 2017, Larissa’s father Jojo began working with indigenous farmers in T’Boli who had arabica beans they did not harvest because they thought no one would be interested in it. As the area is difficult to reach, production and logistics were also extra laborious – but he knew that the taste of the coffee had potential.

He asked Larissa to use her background in storytelling and marketing to create a brand that would honor the farmers they were working with. Thus, The Dream Coffee was born.

Currently in their fourth harvest year with the farmers in T’Boli, their priority remains the same: to have a working sales and resource channel for coffee from T’Boli. They were also one of the few businesses that only had online operations.

While in 2017 and 2018 these business decisions were not the norm, the strategy has paid off in 2020. When physical stores closed down, they did not have to make as big of a shift as other businesses.

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