SSS Releases P25.2 Billion in Pension, 13th Month Benefits

State-run Social Security System has released 25.2 billion pesos in 13th-month bonuses and pension benefits for the month of December, which will be credited to the bank accounts of its members starting December 1.

In a statement, the SSS said 23.1 billion pesos of the amount has been released by the Development Bank of the Philippines to Philippine Electronic Fund Transfer System and Operations Network or PESONet participating banks and other checkless disbursements channels.

This amount will be credited to pensioners’ bank accounts as early as December 1, but not later than December 4.

The SSS also released around two billion pesos to non-PESONet participating banks, which is expected to be disbursed to pensioners on December 4.

SSS CEO Aurora Ignacio said, “We are happy to inform our pensioners that they will be receiving their 13th month bonus earlier than our usual schedule, which is usually released every seventh of December.”

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