Return to MECQ Bitter But Necessary Pill to Swallow

The shift back to a modified enhanced community quarantine is a bitter but necessary pill to swallow, businesses said, with up to three million employees affected and more establishments expected to permanently close after the two-week period.

Management Association of the Philippines president Francis Lim said the stricter lockdowns are warranted given the current situation of the country’s healthcare workers.

Lim said, “We hope that the government will deep dive into our COVID-19 strategy and find more effective ways to execute it.”

His sentiments were echoed by Employers Confederation of the Philippines president Sergio Ortiz-Luis, Jr. who noted that at least several sectors could still operate under the MECQ.

He added more employees will be expected to be laid off after the reimposition of the MECQ. Over 3,000 small businesses have already announced their permanent closure, and more are likely to follow suit.

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