Job Hunting: ‘Willing to Work Just to Bring in Money’

Nick McKerrell, 28, who has a degree in horticultural science, has been applying for jobs in the UK since March and says he is willing to work in any sector at any level, as bringing in some money is the most important thing.

Nick said, “It’s kind of frustrating to not hear back at all. It’s just like silence. Do they want good workers or not? Even if I’m over-qualified for some positions, I would be a really good employee, so hire me. Hire me!”

He is proof of what economists have been saying for some time: conditions for job hunters over the past few months have arguably been the worst for decades.

Even well qualified candidates are finding that they are applying for a shrinking number of roles, often many pay grades below what they are used to.

Employment recruiters report seeing up to ten times the normal number of applicants for positions compared with before the pandemic and fewer jobs are being advertised.

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