NEDA: More Workers Shifting to Informal Jobs

More workers in the Philippines have been shifting to informal work to make ends meet since the imposition of lockdowns in March this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, according to the National Economic and Development Authority. 

NEDA Undersecretary Rosemarie Edillon said the agency is keeping a close watch on the coping measures adopted by workers displaced during the pandemic.

Edillion said, “What we have also observed in the April round of the Labor Force Survey is the increase in the informality of work. We kind of expected this because if you have formal sector being closed down, then the only recourse is to go into informal sector.”

The April round of the Labor Force Survey showed that unemployment rose to a record rate of 17.7 percent, the highest since 2005.Some 7.3 million Filipinos found themselves jobless because of the restrictions in mobility and the delayed entry of young workers into the labor force.

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