Waste-to-Cash Program: The Plastic Credit Exchange, Launched in Manila

To address the plastic waste crisis, the Plastic Credit Exchange, the country’s first homegrown non-profit plastic offset organization, together with the City of Manila and PepsiCo Foundation, recently introduced the Aling Tindera Waste-to-Cash program.

PCEx founder Nanette Medved-Po and Manila Mayor Isko Moreno signed a memorandum of agreement to roll out 100 network partners over three years covering all of the city’s 897 barangays.

Under the Aling Tindera program, PCEx incentivizes women-owned sari-sari stores to become collection points for post-consumer plastic waste and establishes the community infrastructure for the aggregating, storing, and efficient transport of the waste to partner processing facilities. 

Among the benefits of this project are: increased income opportunities for women micro-entrepreneurs; a more organized informal sector of waste collectors; cleaner environments and improved health.

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