DTI Wants Extension of Curfew For People to Dine Out

The Duterte administration does not only want to see more people eating out by July 21, it also wants more time for people to dine in restaurants as part of the country’s slow transition to looser movement restrictions enforced to control COVID-19.

On July 14, Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez said the national government is requesting cities, towns and municipalities to relax their existing curfews once more diners are permitted in restaurants.

Lopez said, “We are enjoining our local government units that hopefully they also allow the extension of their curfews. Instead of (starting at) 10 p.m., (change it to) 12 midnight.”

He said giving people more time to go out would allow restaurants and diners to operate longer and accept more customers, giving them more chance to generate income and their workers to earn.

Lopez said dinner accounts for “40 to 50% of revenues” so serving more customers means establishments make more revenues.

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