Senators Remind Government of Unpaid POGO Taxes

Some senators last Wednesday pointed out the unsettled tax obligations of Philippine Offshore Gaming Operators anew after the Department of Trade and Industry warned of launching a crackdown on online barter-trading amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Senate President Pro Tempore Ralph Recto said the new trend of bartering may be part of the coping mechanism of Filipinos after the health crisis caused adverse economic impact.

Recto said, “People are bartering unused and surplus household items, not to monetize them, but for goods they need. Previously loved items are being rehomed.”

He added, “To survive, our peple are bartering clothes for calories. Dresses which the pandemic have made too small or too big are being bartered for food ingredients such as flour, as many of our people have turned to baking—not to get rich, but to get by.”

Recto said he thinks tax collectors should go after POGOs instead.

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