Pork’s Role in Trade Talks Between China And Germany

The Chinese market eats roughly half of the world’s pork every year, and it has become a competitive battleground for European nations seeking to boost their exports of pork.

German Farmers Association director Bernhard Kruesken said, “Of course we have competition within Europe… between our Spanish colleagues, our French or Dutch colleagues.”

The novel coronavirus disease remains an ongoing threat to farmers, with China suspending imports from one meat supplier in Germany following an outbreak at a meat processing facility, but Langreder is confident the country’s exports won’t be damaged further.

He shared, “The pigs are being brought to other slaughterhouses because there is still enough capacity for the moment. There won’t be delays.”

As the EU and China continue to discuss their future relationship in relation to trade, innovation and strategy, German pigs could play a key role in those talks.

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