NEDA Eyes Private Sector Help With National ID Registration

The National Economic and Development Authority is looking to work with the private sector to speed up the implementation of the national ID system.

NEDA Acting Secretary Karl Kendrick Chua said he proposed that the Philippine Statistics Authority, the national ID system’s main implementing agency, adopt a “two-track system on registration” of individuals in order to expedite the program’s implementation.

Chua is proposing the government and private sector work together in registering Filipinos into the national system. 

He said, “I’m proposing to the PSA to consider a parallel track wherein we’ll also engage the private sector so that number one, we have two groups working together (and) complementing each other. Number two, we have a backup plan in case one is slower or there are problems especially around the virus.”

Sought for comment, PSA Chief Claire Dennis Mapa said the proposal is being discussed with NEDA.

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