DTI Assures Free Movement of Cargo During Lockdown

The Department of Trade and Industry on Saturday assured the free movement of cargo, whether food or non-food, amid the enhanced community quarantine in Luzon to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus. 

This, after several manufacturers, distributors and retailers complained that trucks, including those carrying raw materials for food production, were reportedly being barred at checkpoints. 

The agency has released a circular guaranteeing the unhampered movement of cargo and permitting the transit of personnel of all establishments that are allowed to operate during the lockdown. 

The circular covers enterprises engaged in the manufacture of all food and essential products, medicine, and medical supplies such as, but not limited to, soap and detergents, diapers, feminine hygiene products, tissue, wipes, and toilet paper, disinfectants, medicine and vitamins; medical personal protective equipment, gloves, and masks.

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