Remote work is inspiring new ways to work, travel and live

Broader support of remote work is inspiring new ways to work, travel and live. The “workation,” which combines remote work with longer-period vacation rentals, is one of the fastest-growing travel trends aimed at attracting remote workers to help boost the local economy.

After a bleak year, the travel industry and tourism-dependent countries are keen to embrace digital nomads, who for a long time have been a taxation headache for governments.

From Europe to the Caribbean, at least a dozen countries launched remote working visas during the coronavirus disease pandemic, in anticipation for the arrivals of globetrotting teleworkers once international travel resumes.

At the very least, aspiring nomads have started exploring new possibilities of how one wants to start their day: tedious commute to the office, or sea breeze and the smell of nature? And they say knowing what you want is the first step in getting it.

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