Norway salmon farming turns to indoor pools for global expansion

Salmon farming in Norway is changing, as thousands of fish now inhabit massive indoor tanks as the controversial industry shifts towards greener land-based facilities.

One company farms the fish in two gigantic pools. This is just the beginning of salmon farming adapting to this model further afield, including in China, Japan, Scotland, Canada and the U.S.

Rich in protein, salmon is still considered a luxury in many parts of the world but there is a burgeoning demand for the fish among new customers, especially in the growing global middle classes.

Raising the salmon on land this way is an effort to move the intensive farming method and sea cages the industry relies on in rivers and oceans, where a slew of problems normally result. These range from costly mass escapes, to fish infected with sea lice then being treated with chemicals, to mounds of feces and feed piling up on the seabed below the farms.

In a land-based farm everything can be controlled.

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