Investigation uncovers Amazon UK warehouse destroying millions of unsold stock items

Have you ever wondered what happens to unwanted items people return to Amazon? An investigation by the UK’s ITV News revealed millions of brand new and unused items are simply thrown away by the company.

Amazon has defended its business model, insisting it is working towards zero waste.

Secret footage was captured in what’s known as the “destruction zone” in one of Amazon’s biggest UK warehouses, where millions of perfectly good products each year are sent to be destroyed.

It calls into question the company’s environmental and ethical practices. As the TV investigation reveals, unsold laptops are scanned not for delivery but instead marked “destroy,” along with boxes full of electrical items, such as drills, shavers, headphones and smart TVs.

One former employee, who wished to remain anonymous, revealed the scale of what they are asked to do: “Our target was approximately 100,000 to 130,000 items a week.”

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