Skyway Stage 3 a welcome development

Motorists who happen to drive along the Skyway Stage 3 elevated highway during golden hour are sure to savor the breathtaking view – the round crimson sun slowly disappearing on the horizon with Metro Manila’s skyline backlighted by the setting sun.

It is majestic, almost magical and it surely adds to the pleasurable drive – albeit just a few minutes – when one traverses the Skyway, the newest road in the metropolis, which connects the North and South Luzon Expressways.

It’s no surprise that the rave over the Skyway continues, months since it first opened last year.

The Skyway Stage 3 elevated toll way, built and operated by San Miguel Corporation’s SMC Infrastructure, is no doubt a welcome development for Filipinos who have long been bearing the brunt of traffic in Metro Manila, which during the pre-COVID-19 days often delayed daily travel by one to two hours.

This is very much a welcome development especially for Filipino motorists.

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